This past weekend we were welcomed out to the 14th annual Jamboree at 4WD Hardware in Columbiana, Ohio. It was a great time of making new contacts, seeing new and old customers, winning prizes, getting great bargains, Show and Shine, a Little Jeepers area, and of course playing on the obstacle course. Did we mention this event is FREE?!?!?!


     This company has gone through a great deal of effort to cover all the bases of providing a fabulous show. Masses of people sit on the grass, bleachers and bright yellow straw bales while watching Jeeps of all kinds fly, or try to fly, through the murky mud pit, over logs, cars and twisty mounds of hills and rocks. 


     Over the weekend we made one new contact and made a deeper friendship from another small business we previously met in York, Pa at the All Breeds Jeep Show. We can't wait to tell you about these companies because not only do they have a corner in their markets, but they are friendly, hard working, intelligent individuals whom anyone would be pleased to deal with. Their names are Azzy's Design Works and Built By Potsy. Azzy's makes all sorts of printed material such as stickers, wooden puzzle Jeeps, and most importantly CUSTOM GUAGES FOR XJs!!!! The TrailTubes' pink XJ will be sporting a new gauge cluster with an awesome design in the very near future!!! The other company, Built by Potsy, makes a product you will never see anywhere else, and especially not with the quality and art that are in every piece that they make. It is impossible to get a picture that captures the amazing detail and quality in every flower, butterfly and dragonfly that they make. They are all different, unique, hand signed and numbered, and will never fade since they are powder coated with high end, brilliant colors! Who knew you could make something so unique and decorative from channelock pieces and old recycled junk scraps?!?!?!

     If you ask Rick what the highlight of his weekend was he would probably say it was winning a BUBBA ROPE by being the first Jeep to make it through the mud pit Saturday morning! Prizes and giveaways went on all weekend.


Written by Rachel Powell — September 29, 2014

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