Over this last weekend we attended the ECORS race near Dayton, Tennessee. The event was fun and full of excitement! There were a few roll overs, a wheel that came off the bead, causing the rig to barely be able to stay on the rock cliff it was driving on, the lost steering that caused one rig to slam into rocks and more....

What we didn't know, was that the morning after the event would be just as fun for us since the rain had turned the pits into a slippery, slimy mud that even the biggest trucks were getting stuck in. 

We tried to back our Suburban up to our trailer, and slid into it instead, denting our tailgate and knocking the trailer off the blocks. Even after the trailer was hitched to our diesel Suburban we knew we were stuck. What to do, oh, what to do? GET THE JEEP! The TrailTubes CJ Jeep pulled our Suburban, and the trailer, out of the pit and camping area; however, there were a lot more people stuck!

After we were out Rick pulled out a motorhome (pictured), the motorhome's trailer with it's rig on it, and three big, diesel, dually trucks with giant tri-axle trailers. Twice our Jeep also had to winch to another truck from the front to help pull. 

This "after event" was just as much fun for some men as the regular event!

Written by Rachel Powell — March 26, 2013



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

March 25 2021 at 10:03 AM

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