Slick Sliders (all models)

These Rock Rails are 1 3/4″ tubing with a 1 1/2″ notched rail. The standoffs are also notched where they connect with the 1 3/4″ tubing. It attaches straight to your frame and all you need to supply are the plates to weld onto the frame. 

You have to weld the kit together yourself. The one picture has the kit welded so you can see what it looks like once welded together. Your kit will come UNwelded.

This will make two rails. One for the driver's side and one for the passenger's side. 

These will fit all models including the ZJ and XJ.


If your vehicle is not listed as a buying option just email us at We need a measurement to make your sliders.

**When installing these rock sliders on your vehicle weld tabs to the rail that gets bolted to the pinch seam of the rocker panel for extra support. If you do not do this it could damage your rocker panel with a hard impact.



TrailTubes is a business dedicated to helping the "do it yourself" home fabricators build their own off-road vehicle. With Trail Tubes you can save money without sacrificing quality. We do it all: stingers, hoops, rock sliders, fenders and tube doors. Our kits are a fraction of the cost of the "big guys" and our products meet the same standards. We are dedicated to fast shipping and custumer satisfaction. Let Trail Tubes help you build your dream rig today!

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