Rear Stinger n' Tire Carrier Kit

This very coveted kit is very universal and can be used on just about any Jeep except Cherokees.
It has NOTCHED arms and bushings are included. Notice the extra support tubes around the stinger that make this kit incredibly strong. 
The only things you have to provide are mounting tabs to mount it to the tub, 4- 3/4" x 4 1/4" hitch pins, and a plate to mount the tire to.
This tire carrier can hold up to a 44" tire. 
 ** If you have a 07 or newer JK you will need to install aftermarket tail lights before you install the rear stinger. With stock tail lights there is no room to place the upper mounts.
Tire carrier assembly directions-

Start by making four mounting tabs on the bumper with 3/4" holes each side two tabs 3" apart roughly 27" on center between the two sides. Insert the small tubes with the bushings between the tabs and secure with 3/4" hitch pins ($4 each from tractor supply, buy four)

Next take the main hoop of the tire carrier and trim and notch the ends to be welded to the two bushing tubes on the bumper and tack weld. Remove the entire assembly and take the poly bushings out (so they don't melt) and finish your welds. Reinstall the main hoop.

Next support the main hoop and hold up the arms (two bent pieces) to the main hoop and figure out where you want the upper mounts to be on the tub. Make four more tabs with 3/4" holes and weld to a plate 3" apart which then gets bolted to the tub.

Once the mounts are bolted to the tub, insert the bushing tubes with the hitch pins into the mounts you just made. Tack the arms in place to the mounts and fully weld the arms to the main hoop.

Then there are two pieces that support the arms, weld them in place, then the two cross pieces in the main hoop.

Finally remove the whole tire carrier and remove the upper bushings (so they don't melt) and finish the welds.


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