A quick overview of our Original Rock Sliders

A note about XJ Doors-
**To assemble the doors. THIS IS IMPORTANT! 
1. Clamp the flat stock to the factory hinges, mark the holes, remove the flat stock and drill the holes. Then bolt the flat stock onto your hinges. 
2. Take the main door hoop, that is the largest tube in this kit, and hold it up to the door opening, then trim the tube on the hinge end so that the opposite side of the tube lines up with the striker pin. Once trimmed, tack weld the main hoop to the flat stock. Be sure to measure the distance between that lower tube and your rocker so your door is parallel with the lower door opening. 
3. Once that is done, take the top tube and trim the front of the tube where it goes to the flat stock. Once you have it fitting nicely tack weld that to the main tube and the flat stock. 
4. Repeat the last process on the middle tube. 
5. Once everything is tacked into place weld it up.

**WARNING Cherokees have unibodies. This means that you should strengthen it before removing your doors to prevent your Jeep from folding in half while wheeling them.

**As of now you need to supply your own gussets to strength the doors. We are working to supply gussets soon.

About the Rear Stinger

About Front FLARED fenders


TrailTubes is a business dedicated to helping the "do it yourself" home fabricators build their own off-road vehicle. With Trail Tubes you can save money without sacrificing quality. We do it all: stingers, hoops, rock sliders, fenders and tube doors. Our kits are a fraction of the cost of the "big guys" and our products meet the same standards. We are dedicated to fast shipping and custumer satisfaction. Let Trail Tubes help you build your dream rig today!

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